Ancient Chinese Weapons

Qiang (Spear)

ancient Chinese Spear

The word “qiang” originally means that sharpened edge at both side of the wood. Qiang has a name called “The King of All weapons”. The length of the qiang can be varied from 118.1 to 315.0 inches. The weight is around 5.5 to 13.2 pounds. The strength of Qiang are long distance attack, fast and strong lethality. It’s best for cavalryman charged the enemy and fool solider defended the enemy.

Ji (Halberd)

Ancient Chinese Halberd

The model of ji is very simple. A spear head added on the ge. Ji combined two weapons’ specialty- ge and mao. Ge’s pecking and slashing. Mao’s stabbing. It was used as slashing, hooking and stabbing. The length of the ji can be varied from 78.7 to 118.1 inches. The weight is around 5.5 to 6.6 pounds.

Cha (Fork)

Ancient Chinese Fork

Cha is like the trident. The attack area of cha is wide and also it creates big damage. The rate of target hit is very high. Also it has great defense. The space between sharp sticks will lock enemy’s weapon. It’s not easily get away from the attack and the wound will not heal so easily. The length of the cha can be varied from 110.2 to 118.1 inches. The weight is around 5.5 to 6.2 pounds. Cha later involve into tang (trident halberd).

Tang (Trident Halberd)

Ancient Chinese Trident Halberd

Tang is similar to corsesca in Western Europe or kamayari in Japan. The length of the tang can be varied from 110.2 to 118.1 inches. The weight is around 5.5 to 6.2 pounds. Tang is combination of fork and moon-tooth spade. There may sharp teeth on the moon-tooth spade. There are many attack techniques such as fork, hook, shovel or pick.

Gun (Staff)

Ancient Chinese Staff

Gun is one of earliest weapons in the ancient time. There are many long weapons were derived form gun. Like sansetsukon (three-section staff). That’s why gun also called “The Grandfather of All Weapons.” The length of the gun can be varied from 43.3 to 118.1 inches. The weight is around 1.5 to 4.4 pounds. For first time to learn marital arts, most people choose gun. Gun is easy to learn and use. Also can get it everywhere for defense. The wood pattern must straight during gun making. If not, it’s easy to change the shape. Also it can’t be too thin or thick.

Shuo (Long-Handled Spear)

Ancient Chinese Long-Handled Spear

Shuo is long-handle weapon that mainly uses for cavalry to mount a sudden attach. Some foor solders also use shou. For cavalry, the shuo named as ma-shuo. For foot solders, it named as bu-shuo. The length of the shuo can be varied from 157.5 to 236.2 inches. The weight is around 11.0 to 6.6 pounds.


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